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Producer Stories : Buy Local, Buy Fresh

September 13, 2020 in Producer Stories

Find Out About Our Market

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Local Grower, Retail Shopper or Commercial Buyer...Join Us Today!


Showcase your products to thousands of buyers. Create a brand profile, manage your own product pages, including pricing and shipping details. You can also collect quotes or use and auction system to insure you get the best price for your goods. Promote and sell your products without the need to set up your own web site and ecommerce system. Join us today!


Get to know the local producers in your area so that you can shop local. Buy from a producer that you can visit and get to know where your food comes from. Additionally, you help to support the local economy and insure that local grown foods remain financially viable. Buy Local, Buy Fresh!

Commercial Buyers

Source suppliers from your local area to insure the very best quality and most reliable delivery times. Our goal is to connect local producers with local buyers so that your retail customers have the very best quality products available while also insuring that the local economy thrives. Offering local products to your customers is both popular and profitable!