Find Out Where Your Food Comes From

By January 19, 2020Producer Stories

Who doesn’t want farmers’ market-quality chicken delivered to their door?

It’s always great to know that the meat you eat and serve to your family is humanely raised, free from antibiotics, animal by-products, grains grown with chemical fertilizers, synthetic amino acids, GMOs, and other stuff we don’t want in our food.

And while Shenandoah Valley Organic (SVO) is committed to bringing you the highest quality organic chicken possible, they are now taking things one step further by bridging the gap between consumers who buy their chicken and the farmers who raise them.

SVO developed a brand known as Farmer Focus, which exemplifies what makes their chicken and relationship with their farmers so unique. It also gives their consumers the opportunity to know exactly which one of the 37 SVO farms their chicken came from, along with information about the farm, as well as the farmer who owned and raised that specific chicken.

Consumers who purchase the retail packs of their Farmer Focus brand will find a unique 4-letter farm ID printed on every package. All they have to do is visit the SVO website and punch in their designated farm ID to learn all about the farmer who raised their chicken. Cool, right? We spoke to the folks at SVO to ask them how their program works:

How did the Farmer Focus business model come to exist?
A fundamental goal of SVO is to improve the business of farming, so we asked farmers what their dream business partnership would look like. Their reply? “We want to own our chickens and retain control of our farms.”

How does the Farmer Focus business model work?
Because our farmers are permitted to own their birds, they become invested partners, rather than nameless vendors, of Shenandoah Valley Organic. In other models, large companies own the chickens and can therefore push many unnecessary and expensive requirements on the farmers. Farmers enjoy the freedom to run their farms how they see fit, and they work closely with SVO to meet rigorous organic and humane standards of quality. The end result is high quality chicken and farmers whose earnings reflect their hard work and integrity.

Why does this matter?
SVO’s innovative model treats all farmers equally regardless of the size of their farms, and pays them fairly to recognize the time and care they have dedicated to their chickens. Also, SVO’s adherence to the Clean Water Act ensures that the farmers are responsible stewards of the land. These aspects help to ensure that future generations of farmers continue this important work — profitably and sustainably.

What’s in it for you?
When you buy Farmer Focus chicken, you know that you are supporting a local farmer, protecting the natural world, and ensuring a high quality of life for chickens. You can be assured you’re also getting the best quality food for your family — food produced as nature intended. And, of course, the chicken is delicious!

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